Yumi Ito

Yumi Ito (voc, keys, comp)

solo or with band:

Szymon Mika (guit, fx) / Kuba Dworak (b) / Iago Fernandez (dr)


Yumi Ito's songs are quiet and at the same time influenced by nordic coasts and rock music. She performs solo or with her international band that she met in Basel. Contemplative words wrap around repetitive elements and her expressive style of singing floats on the colorful harmonies of her powerful arrangements. Her influences come from different fields such as pop, rock and improvised music. Yumi takes her freedom of phrasing and singing from her jazz educational background while she likes to keep the harmonies minimalistic but surprising, underlined by pulsating rhythms.




Yumi Ito Songchestra

Yumi Ito (composition, arrangement, vocals, piano) / Marina Tantanozi (flute, bassflute) / Sam Barnett (altosaxophone) / Enrique Oliver (tenorsaxophone, bassclarinet) / Victor Darmon (violin) / Hugo Van Rechem (viola) / Joachim Flüeler (cello) / Esther Sévérac (harp) / Kuba Dworak (doublebass) / Izabella Effenberg (vibraphone) / Phelan Burgoyne (drums)


The Yumi Ito Songchestra was created in 2017 by Ito's desire to arrange for a larger ensemble and combine the instruments of a classical orchestra with that of a jazz / pop band. The band, consisting of classical, orchestral instruments such as the harp, string trio, transverse flute, bass clarinet and the occupation of a jazz band, consisting of two saxophones, vibraphone and jazz rhythm section, allows the composer new sonic possibilities. Catchy vocal melodies are harmoniously combined with expressive lyrics and unfamiliar tones of the orchestra.


"Although her compositions and arrangements are meticulously thought out and sophisticated, the surprising, the weird and the unexpected always remain as a style-forming element "(Renato Baggattini, 3.2.2018, Tages Anzeiger von Uster)




Yumi Ito & Szymon Mika Duo

Yumi Ito (voc, comp) / Szymon Mika (guit, comp)


Yumi Ito | Szymon Mika Duo is a project led by one of the best voices that represent European jazz scene today. The cooperation between those two musicians is a result of spending a year together playing as a Focusyear Band with such jazz legends as Dave Holland, Avishai Cohen or Steve Swallow just to name a few. Mika and Ito formed an intimate group to express all the influences going beyond genres at the same time trying to find new sounds and possibilities of guitar-voice setup.